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The Smart Way to Quit Smoking

QuitSmart® was created by Dr. Robert Shipley, founder of the Duke Stop Smoking Clinic. It is available as a Stop Smoking Kit and through QuitSmart Stop Smoking Classes.

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In a study at five U.S. Air Force bases, QuitSmart proved more effective than four other stop smoking methods.

Shipley, et al. Federal Practitioner

QuitSmart Stop Smoking Research: 66% quit smoking versus 16-30% for other quit smoking programs.

  • Over the past many years, I have loaned my QuitSmart guide to four different people. I know that at least three of them successfully stopped smoking. The fourth disappeared with my guide.
    Muriel B. Haber , Former two-pack-a-day smoker

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  • QuitSmart saved my life! I was a heavy smoker for 32 years before using the QuitSmart program to quit for good. I then became a Certified QuitSmart Leader and worked at several companies, helping hundreds of smokers quit. I highly recommend the QuitSmart program!!
    Peggy Sherlock , Allentown, PA

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