A QuitSmart specialist in tobacco treatment coaching a client to quit smoking.Become a specialist in tobacco treatment by learning to lead the proven QuitSmart Stop Smoking program. Coach individual tobacco users and offer QuitSmart classes in your community, hospital, or worksite.

You must be a health professional/health educator/health coach to enroll in QuitSmart Facilitator Training.

QuitSmart saved my life! I was a heavy smoker for 32 years before using the QuitSmart program to quit for good. I then became a Certified QuitSmart Leader and worked at several companies, helping hundreds of smokers quit. I highly recommend the QuitSmart program!! Peggy Sherlock, Allentown, PA

Home-Study QuitSmart® Facilitator Training

To become certified as a QuitSmart Leader/Facilitator through our home-study course, you study printed materials and view 4.5 hours of videos of a live QuitSmart Leader-Certification Seminar conducted by Dr. Shipley.

The cost is $295 and includes handouts, PowerPoint slides, a QuitSmart Leader Manual, and a sample QuitSmart Kit.

The training videos and other training materials are available through our online Training DVD, accessed through a secure section of the QuitSmart web site (immediately available when you place your order).

After viewing the videos and studying the QuitSmart Leader Manual and client guidebook, you talk by phone with Dr. Shipley to ask any questions you may have. You then receive a personalized QuitSmart Leader Certificate, rights to use the QuitSmart name and logo, continuing access to Dr. Shipley, and optional listing as a provider on the QuitSmart website.

You may purchase the training here or by calling 919-644-6522. For more information, please review these Frequently Asked Questions.

94% of QuitSmart Leader Trainees rate the training “Excellent.”

In the Home-Study QuitSmart Leader Training you will learn to

  • Assess nicotine addiction
  • Teach coping skills
  • Help new ex-smokers foster a nonsmoking self-image
  • Oversee a nicotine weaning program based on switching brands of cigarettes
  • Know when and how to recommend various stop smoking medications
  • Introduce a safe and effective hypnosis CD
  • Use a simple letter or email to increased social support for new ex-smokers
  • Teach relapse prevention/recovery strategies
  • Promote your QuitSmart program

  • I was very impressed by the quality and depth of the QuitSmart Trainer Seminar. I got a lot of information in a short time. 
    Harry Klinefelter III, PhD , Fort Worth, TX

  • The seminar was excellent and very complete.
    Charles D. Williams, Jr., MD , Charlotte, NC