Dr. Robert Shipley, the founder of the Duke Stop Smoking Clinic and President of QuitSmart Stop Smoking Resources. Dr. Shipley has published over 70 scientific articles, and over a dozen books and book chapters.

QuitSmart costs less, takes less time, and is more adaptable than other methods. Smokers enroll in QuitSmart because they get treatments they want, including hypnosis, a cigarette substitute, and new medication recommendations. Published scientific studies have found that QuitSmart produces much better quit rates than other methods.

You may complete the QuitSmart Home-Study Leader Training — this involves watching 4.5 hours of video from a live Leader Certification Seminar. Another option is to sponsor an onsite seminar at your facility.

Tuition for home-study certification or for a one-day Leader Certification Seminar is $295, including a Leader Manual and sample QuitSmart Stop Smoking Kit.

Nothing. Once certified as a QuitSmart Leader/Facilitator, you are not required to get additional training or pay additional fees. Through the QuitSmart website, you can access up-to-date QuitSmart Treatment Protocols and other resources to help you stay current. However, you are not required to take advantage of these resources or to take courses or pay fees to maintain your certification.

The Leader Manual reviews research findings and details how to present each aspect of the QuitSmart program. Chapters include: Introduction, Psychiatric Comorbidity, Nicotine Fading, Medications, Withdrawal Symptoms, Weight Gain, Stress Management, Hypnosis, Relapse Prevention, Lifestyle Balance, Social Support, Treatment Protocols, Hospitalized Smokers, Promotion, Worksites, and References.

Yes, and after the seminar he remains available for phone and email consultations.

Each tobacco user you treat receives a QuitSmart Kit, including a Guidebook, Hypnosis CD or Download Card, and Cigarette Substitute with carrying tube. The kit has received many enthusiastic reviews.

The substitute looks and feels like a real cigarette, and features an adjustable draw. A smoker finds a cigarette pleasurable because it has been associated with thousands of “hits” of nicotine to the brain. Since the QuitSmart fake cigarette has no nicotine, its use gradually lessens (extinguishes) the pleasure associated with the look and feel of a cigarette. The substitute also gives the new ex-smoker something to do with hands and mouth, and encourages deep, relaxing breaths.

A single QuitSmart Kit costs $31.99. In quantities of 20 or more, the cost drops to $23.99 or less. There are no franchise fees. Note that commercial programs charge about $45 per kit, and the American Lung Association charges $35 per kit.

Yes. QuitSmart® is a registered trademark. Use of the QuitSmart name and logo in program identification and promotion is restricted to nonsmoking health professionals who:
• are Certified QuitSmart Leaders
• use QuitSmart client materials
• use the QuitSmart treatment protocols

Yes. Various program options allow you to match the QuitSmart program to the needs of your setting. Also, QuitSmart can be taught to a single tobacco user or to a group of tobacco users.

Because QuitSmart gives then what they want, including a brand-switching method to gradually wean off nicotine, coping skills training, recommendations for medications to ease withdrawal discomfort, and a hypnosis CD (or digital download) to increase confidence, relaxation, and comfort.

You get your money back. The QuitSmart Leader Certification Seminar and Home-Study Training are guaranteed to meet your expectations. If you are not satisfied, return the material within 60 days to receive a full refund.

Individual counseling takes three or four 50-minute sessions, with sessions devoted to Preparation, Quitting, and Maintenance. The group class can be taught in three or four 90-minute sessions, or five 50-minute sessions.

We do not expect you to do individualized clinical hypnosis. In the QuitSmart procedure, hypnosis is taught via a CD (or CD download card). You will learn enough about hypnosis to introduce the hypnosis CD and to answer questions.

The QuitSmart Leader Manual includes extensive chapters on promoting QuitSmart in the community and at worksites. Ready-to-use promotional materials include press releases, newspaper advertisements, and sample letters to QuitSmart prospects, QuitSmart graduates, company personnel, and medical referral sources. Listing as a QuitSmart provider on the QuitSmart website is also an option.

Yes, colorful customer-recruitment brochures. You customize the brochures using your computer printer or photocopier to overprint your information on the back panel.