It’s tough to quit smoking, and even tougher to stay quit. Only about 20% of participants in most stop smoking programs are still not smoking after six months. But with QuitSmart, success rates are much higher.

In a study at five U.S. Air Force bases, QuitSmart proved more effective than other methods: 66% of QuitSmart participants were still smoke-free six months after the quit date, compared to 16–30% of those in four other stop-smoking programs (Shipley et al., Federal Practioner).

QuitSmart also produced impressive quit rates in other published research studies. At the V.A. Medical Center in Durham North Carolina, a three-session QuitSmart class produced a six-month quit rate of 51% in veterans with medical diagnoses (Shipley, Steffen, and Riley, Veterans Health System Journal).

Another study of three-session QuitSmart classes found a six-month quit rate of 48% (Westman, Tomlin, and Shipley, Psychology of Addictive Behaviors).

With QuitSmart, tobacco users are assured of high quality professional help, based on solid research findings.