Dr. Shipley’s QuitSmart Kit includes an easy-to-follow guidebook, a nifty cigarette substitute, and a relaxing hypnosis CD or Download Card.

QuitSmart Stop Smoking Kit: Quit Smoking Hypnosis CD, Quit Smoking Book, QuitSmart cigarette substitute

QuitSmart Stop Smoking Guidebook

Over two weeks prior to your quit date, switch to brands of cigarettes that deliver less and less nicotine. We call this Warm Chicken quitting. It’s easier than quitting cold turkey!

The book also gives you the option of using nicotine patches in a new way that dramatically improves your chance of success.

Plus, learn about electronic cigarettes, urge surfing techniques, weight control secrets, and much more.

QuitSmart Stop Smoking Hypnosis CD or Download Card

The deep melodic voice of Robert Conroy helps you relax and use the full power of your mind to become a calm, comfortable nonsmoker.

The first week you listen to the 15-minute Quitting Smoking track. The next week you listen to the track: Remaining a Nonsmoker.

The CD is available as an actual CD (requires a CD player) or as a Download Card to transfer the tracks to your computer/mobile device.

QuitSmart Cigarette Substitute

The patented cigarette substitute lets you keep many of the pleasures of smoking. Take deep relaxing draws through the adjustable filter, as you enjoy the realistic feel of the substitute.

What ex-smokers say about the QuitSmart Stop Smoking Kit

I was a three-pack-a-day smoker for more than 50 years but have been smokefree for more than four thanks to QuitSmart. Before QuitSmart, I went to a doctor who was an expert in using acupuncture methods, several courses on eliminating smoking, a psychologist, a chiropractor, a medical doctor, and, lastly, a hypnotist. None worked until this program. To have an addict give up his drug is close to a miracle.

—David Norris

I used the QuitSmart system to quit smoking almost 6 months ago. I watched my father die of lung cancer in May. It took me 3 more months to decide to quit. The QuitSmart Kit made it a lot easier!! The amazing thing is I don’t want to smoke anymore. If you would have told me that when I was a smoker, I don’t think I would have believed it.

—Wendy Jacobson

Hurrah for the QuitSmart kit, and hurrah for me for having the good sense to get one and follow the program to the letter. I have been a non-smoker for nine months. My message is, if I can quit smoking (I loved to smoke), anybody can.

—Jackie Herring

I have loaned my QuitSmart guidebook to four people. I know that at least three of them successfully stopped smoking. The fourth disappeared with my guide.

—Muriel Haber

What Professional Reviewers say about the QuitSmart Stop Smoking Kit

  • It is hard to say which of the three kit elements I enjoyed most.
    Jamie Dillon, MS, RRT , Advance for Respiratory Care Practitioners

  • The QuitSmart Stop Smoking Kit is easy to use, interactive and informative… I enthusiastically recommend the kit.
    Dr. Crystal Dunlevy , Respiratory Care

  • Dr. Robert Shipley, director of the prestigious Duke University Quit Smoking Clinic, has come up with a tool to help people through the struggle. …The appealing prose, cartoons, and charts make for engaging reading.
    Mark J. Tager, MD , American Journal of Health Promotion

The QuitSmart Stop Smoking Guarantee

We guarantee that you will successfully quit smoking
with the QuitSmart Stop Smoking Kit.

If you do not quit, return your stop smoking kit within three months of purchase for a full refund. You have nothing to lose, and your health and freedom to gain.

Need more than the Stop Smoking Kit?

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